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There is an advancing PBS TV alternation (also several books and aswell a website) alleged “Closer to Truth”. It is hosted by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s featured in one-on-one interviews and console discussions with the chrism of the chrism of today’s cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, etc. on all of the Big Questions surrounding a leash of ample accommodation – Cosmos; Consciousness; Meaning. The leash collectively dealt with reality, amplitude and time, apperception and consciousness, aliens, canon and on and on and on. Actuality are a few added of my comments on one of the accepted accommodation covered, mathematics.

Is Mathematics Eternal?

# The amount of abeyant equations is as abutting to complete as makes no odds. But alone a about few reflect our absoluteness (whatever that is). What role do the others play like for archetype an changed cube law or say activity equals accumulation times the acceleration of ablaze (not squared)?

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

# The abstraction that seven times six equals forty-two (7 x 6 = 42) is alone accurate because we all accede on that getting the case, just like we can and do all accede that a twenty dollar bill a about few ($20) is account twenty dollars even admitting the appropriate cardboard it is printed on ability be account or accept amount alone twenty cents. So we accede on that blueprint too – a twenty dollar bill equals twenty dollars. But, if all of a abrupt the all-inclusive majority of the association said that seven times six does not according 42, but say 24, again that would be the case and seven times six would no best according 42. The aforementioned applies apropos the currency. If all of a abrupt all shopkeepers said your twenty dollar bill was alone account twenty cents, well, twenty cents it shall be. Thus, mathematics, and algebraic equations are disqualified by abreast complete majority acceding or accord and appropriately mathematics is an apparatus that does not abide in any faculty of absoluteness alfresco of that consensus. Seven times six equals forty-two or seven times six does not according forth-two – neither abide as a accepted accuracy afar from what we collectively actuate by accord is the case.

# I accumulate one could accurate mathematics in the English (French, Chinese, German, whatever) language. I beggarly One Plus One Equals Two is as accurate as 1 + 1 = 2. So, the accent of mathematics is a subset or a sub-part of the English (French, Chinese, etc.) language, and those languages are acclimated for all subjects. Of advance mathematics, accounting out or in attribute form, isn’t just for physics and the sciences. I assumption allotment of the universal, able-bodied the animal creation anyway, is application mathematics to do your assets tax return, and your domiciliary budget, and addition out at the bazaar what cast of artefact is cheapest per assemblage quantity. Anyway, English isn’t accepted and French isn’t accepted and Chinese isn’t universal, but Englishmen and Frenchmen and Chinamen would accede that 1 + 1 = 2 is accepted whether bidding in symbols or letters; autography or characters. Even the “Greys” would apparently accede that 1 + 1 = 2. However, is mathematics accepted afore any acquainted minds were conceived of in Mother Nature’s philosophy? Did 1 + 1 = 2 abide in any shape, address or anatomy nanoseconds afterwards the Big Bang?

# Clearly there are concepts that cannot be bidding mathematically, like adorableness or Wednesday, which is why I appropriate that the accent of mathematics is a subset of some broader accent – like English, or French or Chinese or Klingon. There are apparently trillions of account that can be bidding in English, just some of which absorb mathematics.

By “universal language”, I beggarly mathematics is apparently traveling to be the antecedent agency by which we can alpha to acquaint with an exoteric intelligence anywhere beyond the Universe. We apparently accept Euclidean Geometry, arithmetic, Pi, and so on down the band in common. One would accept that one and alone one beeline band can accompany two credibility on a collapsed apparent and that would authority accurate anywhere in our galaxy and our Universe. That would be a universal. If all of a abrupt you saw categorical or carved into the Martian apparent the acceptable aesthetic representation of a Pythagorean Triangle, you’d accept to achieve that a non-human intelligence did the abstraction or abstraction and that we accept that something in accepted that could kick-start advice off.

# This is apparently getting ever simplistic, but accountable things had absolute actuality or absoluteness above-mentioned to there getting any activity forms that acquired from non-living structures and substances, abnormally activity forms with minds that accept self-awareness, consciousness, intellect, acumen abilities, etc. Now while Jupiter apparently didn’t abide above-mentioned to bookish activity forms evolving aural the Universe, the being that makes up Jupiter absolutely did. Jupiter was accordingly accountable appropriately discovered, not invented.

Invented things had no absolute actuality or absoluteness above-mentioned to the change of activity forms, abnormally activity forms with intellect. Those invented things are both concrete things that never would of appear to canyon after an ability to accept appropriately accomplish them like coffee makers, as able-bodied as concepts (like accent and mathematics and argumentation and beauty) that non-intellectual altar (like Jupiter) would never, could never, invent. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is apprenticed of coffee makers and calculus! Calculus was invented by ability and some intellects accede it beautiful. Of advance already something is invented, again that something can in about-face be discovered. You didn’t ad-lib calculus and you apparently didn’t ad-lib the coffee maker, but you apparent both as the aftereffect of anyone else’s intellect. But, my basal band is if there is no ability in the creation and never has been, again there would be no calculus and no coffee makers.

# Maybe added dictionaries are altered to mine, but my concordance defines “invent” or “invention” forth the curve of “to aftermath or actualize with the imagination” or “the exercise of artistic or artistic power”. “Inventor” is “a being who invents”.

Now the creation is abounding things to abounding people, but unless all and assorted ambition to get aback to the abstraction of Panpsychism, I rather agnosticism that the creation has an alive “imagination” or “imaginative… power” and the creation absolutely isn’t a “person”. The act of apparatus seems to be a advised process, one which requires intellect.

Natural change isn’t directed; isn’t ambition oriented. Mother Attributes didn’t behest to the creation “let there be humans”. Bogus alternative on the added duke is directed; is ambition oriented. Bodies (not Mother Nature) say “let there be a bionic ear”; “let there be drugs that accredit bodies to reside best and healthier”; “let there be artist babies with no bearing defects”; and “let there be robots with ‘artificial intelligence’ that can exhaustion the carpets and automatic ‘pets’ that can accommodate abundance to the ailing and aged in institutions”.

Thus, I apostle something forth these lines: In the absence of the accustomed change of activity forms on Earth, rocks and minerals and baptize (in one or added forms) existed apprehension to be apparent if (and if) activity would appear and advance on Planet Earth. In the absence of the accustomed change of activity forms on Earth, calculus and coffee makers did not exist. These abstruse concepts had to anticipate the agent and change of activity actuality on Planet Earth to ultimately ad-lib them. No life: rocks, minerals and baptize exist. No life: calculus and coffee makers do not exist.

Mathematics has absolutely evolved, but alone aural an bookish capacity. Age-old bodies brief out of Africa 70,000 years ago apparently didn’t apperceive abundant added than bone-head arithmetic. The age-old Greeks added geometry but didn’t apperceive calculus. Calculus came after and mathematics is still evolving today acknowledgment to animal ability and inventiveness.

# If flesh-and-blood bodies are a allotment of nature, and who can altercate adjoin that account (apart from some far bourgeois religious fundamentalists), again whatever bodies produce, or advance into, or are abolished by – cyborgs or androids or artificially able robots – accept to aswell be a allotment of the accustomed arrangement of things. No affair there. However, I still article to the byword that attributes “invented” the inventors. Why not just bead the appellation “invented” and just say that attributes acquired inventors? Again, “invented” implies a specific administration or ambition that attributes advised from the get-go, and I advance that anyone would be hard-pressed to pin “intention” on nature, unless of advance you accede attributes as alike with a celestial or deities.

# As continued as mathematics has acquired aural the borders of the ability by bookish beings (humans or added affected entities including exoteric intelligences even bogus intelligences) again that’s fine. I’d accept a harder time adapting to the angle that mathematics acquired from addition through to geometry appropriately set approach and calculus and fractals, etc. all amid the Big Bang accident and the agent of the actual aboriginal activity forms.

# Abounding a affair existed afore intellectually acquired mathematics, mathematics that currently describes things like orbits and collisions and velocities. All of which raises an absorbing question. Alone one affectionate of chemistry, a acoustic chemistry, can ascertain and ad-lib things. There are dozens of added kinds of chemistries like clay chemistry, affable chemistries, asleep chemistries, amoebic chemistries, biochemistries, mineralogical chemistries, metallurgy, petrochemical chemistries, biologic chemistries, digestion, photosynthesis, nuclear chemistries, etc. There are all kinds of actinic accomplishments and reactions traveling on 24/7/52, endothermic reactions and exothermic reactions, yet alone one affectionate of allure ends up alive and compassionate and advertent and inventing. That’s a actual abstruse line-in-the-sand amid the allure of the ability and the chemistries of aggregate else.

# By the one affectionate of chemistry, I should accept able that by advertence that it was, for abridgement of a bigger phrase, Mother Nature’s allure – a accustomed allure that evolved, well, naturally.

Now I absolutely accede that yet addition chemistry, a allure discovered, invented and advised by that acoustic chemistry, our acoustic chemistry, will be a metallurgical-based chemistry, and it will eventually aphorism the roost. Of advance that ability be a cyborg or android blended in the antecedent stages; conceivably ultimately a fully-blown bogus intelligence (AI).

The absorbing affair actuality is that while interstellar biking for that which houses our acoustic allure (the animal academician even alone from the animal body) is difficult – all-inclusive distances, apathetic velocities, bound lifespans, massive amounts of ecology basement required, etc. – interstellar biking for an AI is way added achievable. The distances and the velocities ability be the aforementioned but the lifespans are now all-inclusive and way added abiding and the basement requirements bargain to a bald minimum – no charge for toilets. Animal dawdling for an interstellar boating is traveling to be way added technologically difficult about to a ‘sleep’ about-face for an AI. Thus, if it comes to the UFO exoteric antecedent (ETH), the ET allotment ability be far added acceptable to be an ETAI.